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Be a part of the change in Northwest Tulsa.

Make a Difference, Today!

The challenges we face are not surmountable by any one person. But together, we can do the impossible. Today, a contribution. Tomorrow, you will have made all the difference.

100% of donations are used directly for the projects and people we serve. Thank you in advance for your investment in this community. 
You can give a one time cash donation or continued m
onthly support.

The Forgotten Zipcode

The 74127 zip code represents a community too often noteworthy for the essentials it lacks. Families lack access to food, affordable housing, basic healthcare, and support services as well as sports and recreational programs. 

Our Story

Get to know The Common Good!

Hear the history of the community we serve and the idea that sparked the start of something good in Northwest Tuls.

Our Mission

The Common Good works for the common good of families in Northwest Tulsa through six essential initiatives:

  • Education

  • Career Development

  • Mental Health

  • Advocacy

  • Housing

  • Sports/Arts Programs

Why Give?

Hear from Jayme, who lives in our community, shares her perspective on the impact The Common Good has had in the northwest Tulsa community.

Brandy's Story

Brandy shares her story of how The Hub has impacted her foster son's life. Stories like this one are all too common in our community. Would you come alongside us as we continue to impact those in the 74127 zip code? Donate monetarily or by giving your time through volunteerism! Visit to see how you can make a difference!

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Tulsans helping Tulsans create a better life.

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