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Northwest Tulsa Hub

The Northwest Tulsa Hub will serves close to 12,000 people bordering 33rd W Ave to 65th W Ave and Highway 412 south to the Arkansas River just beyond Charles Page Blvd. 

This once thriving Tulsa community has been hard hit by the closing of many industries over the past 40 years. Today, the neighborhood has no easy access to a grocery store, bank, retail, restaurants, many social services or youth sports and recreation programs.

Our desire is to bring both a grocery store and a community center all under one roof in our 46,000 square foot facility.

Northwest Tulsa Map

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Grocery Store

This area is currently classified by the US Department of Agriculture as a "food desert" meaning there are no grocery stores or food sources within one mile. The Common Good has partnered with EcoAlliance Group to bring a grocery store to The HUB. This will bring not only food security for families, but also jobs to the area. See the video below to learn more about EcoAlliance's vision.

Community Center

The Common Good Community Center opened in the Fall of 2019. Our Learning Center serves over 75 children and their families.  We are committed to having a measurable impact academically, socially and emotionally in the lives of these children. Each day after school, they are able to come to The Learning Center to enjoy a hearty snack and then math/science, reading, art and recreational activities.

The Community Center also is bringing sports, enrichment, and senior programs to the community including weekly senior meetings, Tai Chi, dodgeball nights, basketball and soccer leagues and more.

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