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Mentoring & Counseling




Revision Mentoring Program

The vast majority of the children in our target area are growing up without a father in the home. The Common Good’s Revision Mentoring program seeks to overcome these discouraging statistics by matching children ages 5-14 with an adult mentor. Boys who have mentors are 3x less likely to suffer from peer pressure, anxiety and 2x more likely to do well in school and avoid trouble.


Counseling Services

Recognizing that the majority of children in our network have experienced traumatic events in their life such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse by parents or guardians, and divorce, The Common Good offers counseling services for both children and parents. All counselors are Licensed Professional Counselors specializing in Trust Based Relational Intervention methodology in order to empower children and families to find new ways of communication and healing.

* Fatherless Generation:Redeeming the Story, by John Sowers, Harper Collins Publishing, New York, NY, 2010, pp. 35-36

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