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Job Postings


FULL TIME opportunity: 40 Hours

Salary is commensurate with experience.


• Lead program planning and curriculum in alignment with the TCG’s goals and objectives.

• Supervise a team of program staff, including teachers, tutors and volunteers.

• Develop and maintain positive relationships with school administrators, parents and community partners to promote collaboration and support of the program

• Monitor program activities to ensure adherence to established policies and procedures, including safety protocols, heavier management guidelines and student attendance tracking.

• Conduct ongoing assessments and evaluations of program outcomes, utilizing data-driven approaches to measure student progress and program effectiveness.

• Coordinate ongoing supervision, training and professional development of all program employees and volunteers.

• Work alongside internal and external stakeholders to identify and secure additional funding opportunities, resources and partnerships to enhance program sustainability and offerings.

• Collaborates with Executive Director on grant reporting and impact analysis.

• Leads regular communication with parents of the students regarding discipline issues or other concerns including performance or attendance.

• Serve as a positive role model for students and staff, fostering a supportive and inclusive program environment that promotes social-emotional development and literacy.


• Working knowledge of Trust Based Relational Intervention practices

• Knowledge of Microsoft Office package

• Passion for Northwest Tulsa neighborhood and underserved communities


• 4-year degree is required or relevant work experience in program management

• 2 years of work experience in teaching, child development, social work or counseling

• Program Management experience a plus


Work Hours: 10:30A-6:30P, M-F. Occasional evening or weekends.

Benefits include health care and paid time off


Benefits include health care, dental and vision insurance and paid time off.

The Common Good is a nonprofit organization located in Northwest Tulsa. We operate a community center, The Hub, that focuses on education, career development, mental health, sports & arts programs housing and advocacy. As we grow, we need people who are eager to make a difference in the community, meet new friends and take part in neighborhood fun! Come join our team!

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