Learning Center Registration

2021-2022 School Year

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The Common Good Learning Center located at the Northwest Tulsa HUB will serve as one of the After School options for Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy and/or children in 74127.* 

* If your child does not attend Tisdale, you will need to provide transportation to The HUB.

Open to students PRE-K - 5TH GRADE​

Starts September 7th


Monday - Friday (school days) 

Northwest Tulsa HUB

19 S. 49th W. Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74127

$5 per

Child to


Our Goal

To foster a love for learning in children, help them reach their full potential, and create a safe space for them to develop social and emotional skills that help facilitate success in life.

Our Focus:

  • Increase Academic Performance

  • Art, Sports, STEM, Literacy & SEL Programs

  • Emotional/Behavioral Enrichment

  • Be a SAFE place for your child to learn & grow after school

We provide:

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Certified Teachers

  • Sensory Learning Tools

  • Transportation from Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy by TPS bus to The HUB

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